So, you just purchased a house. When you walk in, however, it’s just not feeling “like home” yet. Here are some ways you can update your house to help it feel more like home.

Choose paint colors you love. Sure, your parents always used beige and brown, but you’re not locked into that anymore. Think about colors that bring you joy or remind you of nature. Visit the local paint store for ideas and inspiration.

Incorporate pieces from your family’s history. Whether it be a bedroom set from your grandparents or simply framing art that your child created, look for ways to incorporate your personal story into your home. For example, a sunset photo from your favorite vacation spot can make attractive wall art and bring back positive memories.

Let family members have input. Allow kids to choose colors and furniture for their rooms. Take them with you when you’re making decisions about your house. Not only will it help them feel included and have ownership in their home, it will also help them in the future when they have a home of their own.

Revolve your home around what you enjoy. If you love cooking, update your kitchen. If you enjoy working on cars, add a garage. When summer comes, is your family outside a lot? Invest in an outdoor living space you can enjoy and consider adding a sunroom to use during colder months.

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