Pat Irvin loves her home, but after 10 spinal surgeries related to multiple sclerosis, she was having difficulty living there. The home she lives in with her husband, Malcolm, wasn’t accessible for her anymore, and it was hard to accomplish simple tasks like laundry. The home’s added family room had two steps that prevented her from enjoying the room as she once did.

Mike Taylor, owner of ML Taylor Construction, worked with Pat and Malcolm to begin adapting their home to make it easier for Pat to get around. The first project that ML Taylor worked on for the Irvins was the bathroom, and replacing the commode soon turned into a whole new bathroom, including a walk-in shower with a bench.

“I absolutely love it,” Pat noted.

One of the next projects was the utility room. The washer and dryer were on opposite ends of the room. The team at ML Taylor took out an old chimney to make room for the washer and dryer, and also created a walk-in pantry with the added space.

It was challenging for Pat to get in and out of the home, and so the team worked on an attached garage with an inside ramp. While they were there, they enlarged the family room which Pat and Malcolm especially appreciate when their growing family comes to visit.

The home is now fully accessible for Pat, equipped with ramps and plenty of room to maneuver. The work ML Taylor provided was only part of what Pat appreciated in the process.

“The crew was great,” she shared. “At one point, Malcolmb was in the hospital, and I just gave my key to the head guy and they would let themselves in. We had no problem with any of the workers, and we loved having them here. We had a good time during the whole process.”

Pat plans to stay in her home and enjoy the space specially created for her.

“Mike knew it was hard for me,” she expressed. “Now I have the house I want, and I think I’ll be here forever. Mike has made it so I can be here.”

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