Mike learned the value of hard work
and dedication from his dad.

Building simply ran in his blood. Mike Taylor grew up building forts along the creek behind his childhood home that his father built in Plymouth, Indiana.  At the age of twenty-five, as a Building Trades teacher with the New Castle School system, Mike realized that his weekends and evenings were filled with construction projects from people in the community.

That realization 40 years ago led to the startup and ownership of M.L. Taylor Construction, Inc. His first full time crew was comprised of the top three graduating seniors from his Building Trades Class.

Working in the construction industry presented challenges throughout the years, but there were many benefits gained from overcoming those challenges. Mike has worked on many great projects in Henry County and the surrounding areas. His team has also provided services for special projects including the Historical Society, The Guyer Opera House, and several historical churches.

“It gives me a sense of pride to be able to preserve the buildings in our community for future generations,” Mike explained.

Mike is also grateful to have been able to fulfill a need for others. He worked with his team on projects for individuals with disabilities, veterans, and many in the aging population. M.L. Taylor Construction has been able to renovate many homes to include accommodations for people’s changing needs, thus giving them the opportunity to stay in their home (Click here to read “Creating a Forever Home” blog.)

“Lifetime friendships have been made through many of the projects I have worked on,” added Mike.

After 40 years of owning and operating M.L. Taylor Construction, Mike Taylor has decided he is ready for retirement. To continue his legacy, Mike’s son Robby will be the new owner and operator of M.L. Taylor Construction. Robby is no stranger to the business as he has served as the Residential Sales Coordinator for several years.

“When Robby was 6 years old, he insisted I take him to the roof of the United Methodist Church as we were working on the building at the time,” Mike reminisced. “We stood beside the steeple and gazed over downtown New Castle. Robby has been helping me with the business well before he could be added to the payroll!”

Mike is looking forward to not setting his alarm clock and having more freedom to do fun things in life. He is going to go to more classic car shows, spend time with family and friends, and travel with his wife, Rosemary.

“I’ve worked hard to build a good reputation for M.L. Taylor Construction, and have always tried to do things the right way,” noted Mike. “Now it’s time for Robby to make it his own.”