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Four ways to slash your energy bills

By ML Taylor Construction | October 9, 2018

Adding money back into your budget is always a good thing and doing your part to help the environment is an added bonus for these energy-saving tips. Eliminate wasted water. Repair drippy faucets or replace them with newer models. The latest faucet technologies include touch control and other convenient features. Consider installing a low-flow shower…

Making Your House a Home

By ML Taylor Construction | October 9, 2018

So, you just purchased a house. When you walk in, however, it’s just not feeling “like home” yet. Here are some ways you can update your house to help it feel more like home. Choose paint colors you love. Sure, your parents always used beige and brown, but you’re not locked into that anymore. Think…

Avoid moving headaches… remodel instead!

By ML Taylor Construction | October 9, 2018

You love your neighborhood, you love your location, but you don’t love your house anymore. Instead of moving, consider making updates to your home to meet your needs (and wants). Whether you’re looking for more space or options to allow you to stay in your home as you age, M.L. Taylor can help. Updates– Your…